Ednetics Portal



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Ednetics Portal

Access to critical data.

Managed Services customers get access to Ednetics Portal. Portal is a web-based application that gives users the power to track call volume, bandwidth usage, and other data points.

Ednetics Voice customers can track usage data, including call volume, call duration, 911 calls, and toll calls. Filter data by month, day, or hour. Perform advanced record searches to get additional details on inbound and outbound calls. Get numeric data and supporting graphics for device counts across the organization. Records are automatically organized and archived for access as needed. Generate and download reports in PDF format for printing or as CSV files for sorting and further analysis.

Portal gives Ednetics Connect customers access to data showing inbound and outbound bandwidth usage in hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly increments. Download Connect data in CSV format for archiving or for further analysis.